• Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart

  • Carl Franzen

    Carl Franzen

    Storyteller @Xerox. When not doing that, I mostly write fiction.

  • lisa rokusek

    lisa rokusek

    Recruiter: A harbinger of opportunity. I present rarefied roles & real results. A strong cup of coffee. Swimming outside the norm. http://www.lisarokusek.com

  • Simone Reynolds

    Simone Reynolds

  • rasheid


    Rasheid Sulaiman Atlas, Interactive & Graphic Designer

  • Jon Boggs

    Jon Boggs

  • Jason Myles

    Jason Myles

    I scream/sing play guitar in Bitter Lake and host the This is Revolution Podcast. Oakland, CA born, Richmond raised. Words and thoughts from the Lower Bottoms.

  • Julia Keseru

    Julia Keseru

    Activist, writer, people nerd, ED at @engnroom. In the intersections of technology, power and social justice.

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